If you're looking for versatile shocks, one that allows you to tune them to your favorite and eliminate bumps from your ride, IT'll give you a ride that's never been more comfortable, “RCP2 PLUS” will be your first choice. RCP2 PULS has a brand-new design, and the main axle diameter has been increased from the original 12 mm to 14 mm, allowing you to ride with a better and stronger shock.

You don’t have to worry about the shock absorber being unable to bear due to the increased weight of the vehicles, and you can still ride safely. The adjustment is changed to high and low speed adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune through this function, and adjust according to your riding situation so that you can get better riding comfort while riding, it will make you feel that traditional shock absorbers cannot Provide the adjustability, functionality, and performance compared to this new model. The model could provide you with greater ride comfort and control over a broader range of terrain.

Weight 1.62 KG ( 3.57 Ib ), 265 mm ( 10.43 inch )
Adjustments Rebound / Compression / Preload / Air Pressure Adjustable/High-Low speed adj
Damper shaft Hard chromed shock Ø 14 mm ( 0.55 inch ) shaft.
Dark hard-anodized AL-7075 shock body, Ø 38 mm ( 1.5 inch ). 
Riding style AM / FR / DH
Color Black
Available Size Eye to Eye x Travel 220 × 57 mm ( 8.66 × 2.24 inch)
265 × 79mm ( 10.43 ×3.11 inch)
Length above 265mm is available, please contact.